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Amelia Bones
2 January
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I'm Amelia Bones, a Hufflepuff 4th year. My dorm mates are Marlene McKinnon and Cordelia Veller, and they're also kind of my friends, so if you've seen them, you've probably seen me.

I'm not fond of most Slytherins - sorry! - but I like my brother, Edgar. I think he has a linked journal, too.

I like anything vanilla-scented or flavoured, I'm rather interested in law and ministry business (which is where my mum works), and I'm sure we could be mates, given that you don't cast Unforgivables on a daily basis.

Let me know?

- Amelia B
butterbeer, cordy, edgar, edgar's friend agatha, edgar's friend frank, gingernewts, hufflepuff, kittens without sharp claws, marlene, my cactus arn, my owl amadeus, not slytherins sorry!, vanilla gum, vanilla-beef, vanilla-plum, vanilla-scented bath salt, vanilla-scented candles, vanilla-strawberry, vanilla-white chocolate, working hard